Arm Party

Simple outfits are volumed up by accessories.

  More specifically arm acessories will surely make your simple look more catchy.

  From bracelets, bangles , watches to rings of diffrent colors, you can always mix
 and match to help compliment your look.   

Colors and Prints




The "little" Blue Dress


 I had this outfit ready for a lunch-date with a bunch of collage friends.

    I choose something comfortable yet stylish at the same time.
    Stylish just because i will be with my girls who always dress up and 
comfy because lunch-dates all most always turns out to be a shopping-date.

Lets talk about the lace blue dress. if you are petite like me try 
something that shows of a little skin. An above the knee dress will make 
you legs look longer and it will make you look a little taller. Don't be 
afraid to wear dark colored clothes like blue or black, make sure to 
balance it with perfect fit (especially with lace materials) and enough
skin exposure so that you will not look too skinny or to covered up.

Place a lighter coloured belt to give a fine detail to the dress, i 
used a brown-bow-belt (b-b-b) to give a little variety to the entire 

I used a pair of comfy flats that blends well with the colour of 
the belt so that there won't be too much color going on with the outfit,
since i am going for a "simple" look. 

Don't forget the navy blue-brown 
vintage sling purse, big enough to fit all your necessities. You will 
never go wrong with this outfit. Girly but not over the top.
    -Simple yet stylish -



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